Brussels Q&A

Meet members of the parliament and the european commission

We recently had the honor of participating in a special Q&A event with members of the European Parliament and the European Commission, thanks to an invitation from Europa Union Frankfurt. The primary objective of this collaboration was to provide us with valuable networking opportunities and the necessary tools to apply for projects funded by the European Commission, thereby expanding our reach and impact.

This unique event, fully funded by the European Commission, aimed to encourage active participation and engagement between young individuals, organizations like ours, and key European decision-makers. Klaus Klipp from Europa Union Frankfurt extended the invitation, and the trip was expertly organized by Finnova.

By interacting with European Parliament representatives and gaining insights into the workings of the European Commission, we are now better positioned to leverage these connections and knowledge for the betterment of our projects and initiatives. This collaboration serves as a testament to our growing influence and the recognition of our efforts in empowering individuals and driving innovative social impact projects.

More info about this on theΒ  Web Department.

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