InkuA is an organic organization where responses to questions may evolve. If you have any uncertainties or need clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out for assistance.

At InkuA, you are part of a kind, committed community aiming to make a positive impact in the world. We use technology to be more flexible, which means that we perform our meetings virtually and all of our tasks remotely on collaboration tools. 

Our objective is to enable you to gain job experience, equip you with certifications, get a published project track record for your CV while providing references to expand your career opportunities. All this within a flexible 0-6 hour weekly commitment depending on your role and through helping non-profit projects or research initiatives.

You typically start as a Department Member, progress to a Project Manager, and potentially ascend to a Department Director. We have seen members accomplishing all this in just one year.

Your tasks are largely self-determined, within the context of your department and projects. So you can pick tasks yourself or a project manager can assign you. While you can reject tasks, the work you do will align with InkuA's overarching goals and departmental objectives.

After six months of active involvement and with immediate supervisor approval, we are more than happy to provide reference letters upon request.

In general, our ambition is that through your participation you continuously enhance your qualification. Furthermore, we are working on creating more projects and collaborations with private companies and local governments to provide increased job opportunities. We will also be working with different job platforms and additionally provide workshops focused on enhancing your CV and how to do networking on LinkedIn.

No, we are sorry, membership is not fee-based, and we do not accept payment for membership.

While it's not the primary objective, prioritizing your ability to contribute to InkuA is essential. Your initial engagement with InkuA should focus on creating value both for and with other members by fostering collaboration within the team. Subsequently, any proposed projects must align with InkuA's core values and aim to benefit its community. Only after meeting these criteria will the project be integrated into the framework of InkuA.

Yes you can: As a manager or director, you have the authority to onboard individuals directly into your team.

In order to optimize resource allocation and enhance value creation, we kindly ask for a commitment of at least six months upon signing the contract with InkuA.

Is there an opportunity to earn money at InkuA?

While some projects may generate income, and directors have budgetary and fundraising opportunities, the prospect of expecting a remuneration is very low. More successful departments will have bigger budgets and with that the possibility to hire staff or invest in their projects. Even though there is a chance don't join us if you are looking to earn or make money. Or focus is our mission.

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