Fundaci贸n Cadete: creating a fairer and more inclusive society

2022 Q3 - Graphic Design, Organizational Psychology & Marketing departments

Inequality is one of the greatest challenges of our time and is an obstacle not only to development, but also to peace, and to securing human rights around the world.聽

People with disabilities have historically faced significant inequalities, including limited access to education, healthcare, employment and social participation. Physical and attitudinal barriers have prevented many of these people from fully participating in society, resulting in disempowerment, isolation and discrimination.

Despite efforts to promote inclusion and accessibility, these people continue to suffer unequal treatment in many areas of life. This inequality highlights the need for continued advocacy, policy changes and societal shifts towards greater equity and inclusion.

Everyone is CADETE

Cadete is a private, non-profit foundation based in Madrid, Spain. It was created with the aim of promoting the social integration of children and teenagers with disabilities, giving them access to rehabilitation treatment in order to promote their development and enable them to reach their full potential.聽

In this way, it helps families from all over Spain to pay for the rehabilitation and comprehensive care, from birth to puberty, of children with any type and degree of pathology.聽

The Foundation's mission is based on 3 fundamental pillars:

  • To promote the social integration of children and adolescents with any type and degree of disability and from any part of Spain, through scholarship programs for treatment and orthopedics.
  • To raise awareness about disability.
  • To contribute to the creation of a more just and inclusive society.

Mobilized by the cause and following the values that run through our organization, InkuA decided to launch an action plan to contribute our grain of sand to reduce the inequalities present in our society.

InkuA's contribution

Our marketing department contributed from their area of expertise by developing a comprehensive report that examined both the website and their social networks in depth and detail. After communicating the weaknesses found, they proposed a series of changes that would improve both the navigation of the site and the engagement with their social networks. Finally, they developed a strategy to increase the visibility of the products sold to raise funds and attract virtual volunteers and customers to the foundation.

The Organizational Psychology team also provided support with general input on communication and engagement in the media, as well as more specific ideas on how to generate quality content for their social networks.聽

The design team worked on an initial audit, evaluating several aspects of the brand: logo and complementary elements, website, and social networks. Once the problems were identified, a detailed proposal of possible solutions was made to improve the aspects identified on the website. On the other hand, a new iso-logotype was proposed, along with the corresponding visual identity manual, which proposed a wider color palette and tried to standardize the use of typographies. Finally, different styles were recommended for the development of social media content templates.

Why is this collaboration important?

Seeking to achieve a more just and inclusive society is one of the pillars that Fundaci贸n Cadete shares with InkuA. It is a situation that concerns a great number of people and organizations.聽

The Internet and social networks offer us an optimal environment to amplify the spread of this message. The online presence is part of this new era and we must make the most of it to meet the objectives we set for ourselves.聽

From InkuA we are grateful to be able to collaborate with these foundations, helping them in the development of their social networks and communication strategies in order to fulfill their mission.

Project members:

Design team:聽Molina, Yesica (manager) - Gandini, B谩rbara - Palavecino, Gisela - Su谩rez, Amparo.

Marketing team: Almada, Luna - Latorre, Fernanda - Libonati, Agustina - Giovinazzo, Georgina - Sosa Hern谩ndez, Mar铆a Florencia.

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