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Last March 8th was International Women's Day, a special date that serves as an opportunity to reflect on the inequalities and rights violations that the female gender still faces around the world, and as a reminder to continue working for equal rights and social justice.

Since InkuA has an international team of women, a Social Networks project was carried out. Its goal was to send a positive message to both society and the members of the organization, remembering the constant fight for equality, making visible our respect for this date, and valuing the place that women currently have in their professional development.

These values ​​were reflected through a reel posted on March 8th that stars women who are part of the organization. The video thanks the members of the community, uses quotes from famous figures such as Coco Chanel, and provides a positive message that commemorates the relevance of this day.

With this project, InkuA shows its interest in the global fight against inequality, since one of its pillars is to form strong ties based on respect and joint work.

The video can be found on the organization's Instagram profile  Instagram profile (link to video)

Project members: Eva Ancalla Bellido, Allison Vásquez, Silvina Díaz, Silvia Monsalve, Jenny Chen, Dana Almada.

Article by Augusto Laprovitta

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