InkuA “Semillero Social-Tech” 1st Edition

Cultivating Social Impact Through Innovation and Collaboration

In September of 2023, 131 University Students from the university “Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN)” in Argentina,  joined InkuA remotely to create impactful projects with their experience in technology and our unique open-organisation growth environment.

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Finalist Projects:

Team 09 “Los Hechiceros de la Sintaxis: Eco Encuentro”

Open source platform for eco engagement, that connects motivated individuals with upcoming environmental activities actively seeking participants.

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 Team 14 “PowerBits”: Mente en Equilibrio

Online platform for mental health and wellbeing, designed to provide a comprehensive set of resources, advice and support for individuals navigating the challenges of remote work.

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Team 07 “Brave Violet”

Resource portal for victims of gender violence, a space that offers refuge and holistic support to strengthen emotional and social wellbeing.

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Team 04 “Guardians of Code: Open Code Academy”

AI education platform with personalised chat support that adapts to the user's abilities and provides cognitive, emotional and conversational support, including promoting self-confidence and addressing educational needs for people with ADHD and similar attention deficit or cognitive disorders.

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Quotes from Participants 

“This experience has been of great value for my academic and professional growth.”  
​Ciro Valentin Martinez Gonzalez

“My experience at InkuA was more than an internship; it was a learning journey in which I was able to apply my knowledge to a project with a meaningful purpose.” 
  ​Augusto Nicolás Casado

“In summary, the final programming internship was a big step for me. I learned to apply what I studied in a practical way, using an organised approach to solve real problems. Working in a team was key, helping me to combine ideas and improve efficiency. Facing challenges made me more adept at finding bugs and making code work better and making code work better, gave me a deeper understanding of how programming works in real life.”
​Daiana Figueroa

About the program

131 current IT students from UTN University close to graduation in 22 Teams with a team size from 5-10 participated in the accelerator pilot at InkuA. Within the weeks from September 30th to the 24th of November, the teams were challenged to develop impact projects and to bring them to a prototype stage that could be presented to potential donors and partners. 

The students presented ideas from the areas of education, health, environment, social inclusion and awareness. A jury of experienced entrepreneurs of various backgrounds as well as InkuA director’s board, guided through the project period, delivered feedback and gave the final evaluation. 

All 131 participants mastered teamwork, remote collaboration, how to develop an idea, create a visual identity, bring a first product prototype to life and to present it with a pitch deck as well as a promoting video. Students were handed a certificate that recognizes their work at our organisation and is accepted for academic credit as an internship. 

This endeavour not only embraces technological solutions to societal problems but, also leverages creativity and connectivity to address pressing current local issues. For this we used the InkuA backend to track the activity and process formal communication between members and “Workadventure” a platform customised by InkuA’s IT team running on Amazon’s AWS servers, that created as a playful space for students to get to know each other, form teams and learn about the program in a safe virtual world.

“Semillero Social-Tech” team’s project ideas span a wide bandwidth of impactful topics. From connecting NGOs with potential donors or educational applications about waste prevention for everyone to technical support structures for NGOs, the focus is mostly on digital communication platforms as an enabler, connecting entities for positive change and the public. Some of the initiatives also address gender discrimination, future readiness, circularity  and inclusivity for the elderly, showcasing a commitment to comprehensive societal development.

The Platform

Short video about the platform.

Closing remarks

Even if it was a pilot, “Semillero Social-Tech” was more than just a university partnership project; it's a testament to the power of creativity, interdisciplinary thinking, and collective action. 

As we navigate the challenges of the present and future, these projects offer a glimpse into a world where technology, empathy, and consciousness converge to create a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow. 

Join us in celebrating the spirit of collaboration, social impact, and solidarity as we continue to shape a future with opportunities for everyone.

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Special thanks to
  • Osvaldo Giordanini,  Career Coordinator and Supervisor of Professional Practices.
  • Johana Martinez, UTN student, for co-creating the program idea, and creating the logo and graphic design.
  • Mayra Vargas, InkuA’s Virtual Reality department Director, for support developing the platform.
  • All the members of the pilot program for their great help and feedback!

Article by: Alexandra Hofmann
Editor: Frank Escudero  

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