Process Improvement Project

Q2 2022 Think-Tank Department

Project Description

Due to the strong growth of InkuA in 2022, a data-driven analysis on the current needs and opportunities of the InkuA organization, as well as the needs and wishes of the participants was necessary and needed. As part of this data-driven analysis, interviews and surveys were conducted. The goal was to further improve the processes of InkuA and to provide InkuA’s participants the matching user experience according to their expectations.

The findings were shared with the board of directors of InkuA and further steps were taken in order to work on the needs and opportunities.

Project Approach

After an initial discussion and briefing with InkuA’s founder, a survey was developed to approach current and past participants in order to evaluate their (a) needs, (b) challenges, (c) motivation and (d) wishes in being part of InkuA. Additionally, interviews with current managers and team leaders were conducted. The results were collected, analyzed and visualized in a presentation. In order to prioritize the outcomes and next steps based on the findings, the framework “PICK-Chart” was used. 

Project Output

The findings were collected, represented and visualized in PICK-Charts as well as presented to the board of directors.

Based on the findings, individual projects to improve InkuA and the user’s experiences were identified and the next steps were discussed to further improve the InkuA organization. 

Some random pictures and slides:

Project Members: Daniel Twisselmann, Ginger Ortega H., Huong Vo, Fabian Nguyen

Article by: Fabian Nguyen

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Q2 2022 Organization Psychology Department