Women in IT

Developing and Thriving in Traditionally Male-Dominated Fields


Our  "Women in IT: Developing and Thriving in Traditionally Male-Dominated Fields" event would not have been possible without the dedication and tireless efforts of the InkuA volunteer team. We are incredibly grateful for their passionate work in creating this meaningful experience for our attendees.

The Virtual Reality team created an online and 3d museum with the contributions of women to Information Technology from the past to the present. Two distinguished women in the field of technology led the charge: Paulina Maurín Ruiz, the accomplished CEO of "We for the Future" International, and TEDx speaker; and Fernanda Piña Delgadillo, a visionary nanotech engineering student and recipient of three full scholarships. They shared their journey, offered insights, and engaged in enriching discussions, setting the stage for a day of thought-provoking dialogue and impactful connections.

The team capitalized on Mozilla's open-source technology, Mozilla Hubs, to create an engaging, virtual space for the event. For those unfamiliar, Mozilla Hubs is an innovative platform that allows users to meet and collaborate in a shared 3D environment using a web browser. This platform was expertly utilized by our team to cultivate a sense of unity and shared purpose among our participants, even while geographically scattered. The virtual setting not only facilitated engaging discussions and seamless interactions but also embodied the spirit of technological innovation at the heart of the event.

In short, it's like Zukerberg's Metaverse, but  open and inclusive. It aligns with InkuA's principles an values.

What makes the success of this event even more impressive is that it was achieved without any sponsors or external funding. It stands as a testament to the passion, commitment, and resourcefulness of the InkuA volunteer team. This achievement underscores the team's unwavering dedication to promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, a cause that is undoubtedly close to their hearts.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who lent their time, effort, and expertise to bring this event to fruition. Their collective efforts have truly made a difference and served to advance the cause of gender equality in technology fields.

In conclusion, the success of the "Women in IT: Developing and Thriving in Traditionally Male-Dominated Fields" event serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved when a passionate team comes together to champion a worthwhile cause. We look forward to carrying this momentum forward into future initiatives and continuing to make strides toward achieving gender equality in the tech industry!


Paulina Maurín Ruiz

Fernanda Piña Delgadillo


Juan Carlos Meneses Lazcano

Borja Nogales Centeno

María de los Ángeles Carballo

Mayra Vargas

María José Natacha Villarroel Linco 

Nayeli Xiomara Pérez Barrantes

Juan Pablo Hurtado Barreda

Marianna Nazaret Cadenas Ramírez

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