Chief Learning Officer

--InkuA - Incubator & Accelerator--


The Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at InkuA is tasked with spearheading the organization's educational strategies, ensuring that our learning management system (LMS) is not only a repository of knowledge but a dynamic platform that fosters growth, innovation, and practical experience. The CLO will oversee the development and implementation of learning programs that align with our mission to empower young professionals and students globally. This role involves auditing existing content for relevancy and impact, developing new, cutting-edge educational materials, and ensuring that the career development paths offered are in line with the latest industry trends and demands.


  • Participate in online team meetings, report to the CEO.
  • Update directors on new initiatives.¬†
  • Lead the strategic planning and execution of InkuA's educational initiatives, ensuring they align with our mission and the needs of our members.
  • Oversee the development, quality assurance, and continuous improvement of courses and materials on the LMS.
  • Implement innovative learning strategies that include mentorship programs, workshops, and collaborative projects to enhance skill development and career readiness.
  • Collaborate with industry experts and partners to ensure the learning content remains cutting-edge, relevant, and diverse.


  • At least 2hs a week.
  • Will need to learn to use the Odoo LMS platform.¬†
  • Strong understanding of current educational methodologies, digital learning platforms, and industry trends.
  • Exceptional ability to develop strategic partnerships and collaborations that enhance educational content and opportunities.
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills to engage with a global team and community.
  • Commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment that supports diverse learners and perspectives.

Join the organization that creates personal and professional development opportunities!

InkuA was founded in 2021 Frankfurt, Germany and is now home to hundreds students and professionals from all around the world. Become part of an international non-profit organization where you can enhance your professional career and develop skills while collaborating on social impact, awareness and research projects.


Your opportunity to make an impact and develop your career!

  • 100% remote¬†volunteer position with a¬†schedule adapted to your needs.
  • Access to positions that require¬†as little as¬†4-8 hours a month. ‚Äč‚Äč
  • Job referrals¬†and internships¬†valid for university and as work experience.
  • Be part of a large¬†network of students and professionals¬†who will help you advance your career.
  • Professional experience¬†to boost your resume and LinkedIn.

  • An¬†international multicultural¬†environment.
  • The possibility to¬†create your own position, team, project or department.
  • Get¬†your achievements, projects and articles published!
  • Freedom to¬†experiment with new technologies and processes.
  • Become a decision maker in our organization.

Keep in mind that this is a volunteer position, designed to work for you. InkuA will invest a huge amount of resources in onboarding, training and creating a space for you. If you don't see any value in it or you can't commit to your role for at least 6 months, please don't apply and leave the opportunity open for someone else!