Social Entrepreneurship Challenge - Frankfurt

The Social Entrepreneurship Challenge Is a full-day event in Frankfurt, Germany which brings aspiring and experienced social entrepreneurs together to develop innovative and creative social project ideas to support the local community in Frankfurt as well as worldwide.

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During the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge, participants exchange on potential ideas, build and validate concepts as well as collaborate with mentors to develop sustainable social project ideas that have impact locally, and could be used globally. The ideas shall contribute to at least one of the UN SDG Goals (SDG-Goals) At the end of the event, all project ideas shall be presented by the individual groups.

A jury of experienced social entrepreneurs will judge the concepts. The winning concept shall receive further support, workshop and mentoring to develop their project further and will be able to access resources from InkuA.


Creating Impact

Work together with other passionate people on creating social impact and to make the world a better place. There are no boundaries for the ideas and concepts that are developed during this event.

Career Development

Leverage your career with your participation in this event! Learn new frameworks, social and pitching skills during this social entrepreneurship challenge!

All participants will receive a certification of their participation and success and shall be recognized as A InkuA's Social Entrepreneurs!

Be a Part of the InkuA Movement

Join InkuA in our movement to democratize knowledge and making knowledge accessible to everybody in the world! 

InkuA is one of the fastest growing non-profit startup in the world, with 75.000+ applications.

Application Period

Currently the applications are open! Anybody can apply to participate!

27th April 2024
Application Deadline

Deadline is 27th April, 23:59. For accepted applications, invitation will be sent out on 29th of April.

Until Event
Project Preparation

Brainstorm and research potential social project ideas! It is better to have some ideas ready before the event. Example Guide.

04th May 2024
Social Entrepreneurship Challenge Event

Welcome to the Event Challenge! Get excited to work with other people on social project ideas!


Frank Escudero


IT-Advisor, Consultant, Tech Expert


Fabian Nguyen


Development Projects, Finance, Impact Measurement


Huong Vo


PhD, Research, Organizational Structures


Thao-Nguyen Khuat

Senior InkuA Advisor

PhD, Research, Social Entrepreneurship



Daniel Twisselmann


Strategy, Navy Officer, Process Improvement


Henrike Twisselmann


T-Development, Security, Strategy


Alexandra Hofmann

Senior InkuA Advisor

PhD, Research, Organizational Structures


Thao-Nguyen Khuat

Senior InkuA Advisor

PhD, Research, Social Entrepreneurship



Social Entrepreneurship Challenge - 04th April 2024

10:00 Check-In

10:30  Introduction to the Event

11:00  Team formation and brainstorming

12:00  Pizza Break & Networking

13:00 Group Work

16:00 Group presentation x Pitch Ideas 

17:00 Ideas Evaluation x Award

17:30 Final Words & Farewell


  • Who can apply for this Entrepreneurship Challenge?

Anyone over 18 years old is eligible to apply for this Challenge. InkuA is an inclusive and open organization. No restrictions on the applicants shall apply.For the challenge, InkuA is looking for talents who are real team players and are passionate about creating impact in the world. Whether you're a an experienced or a starter in social entrepreneurship - everybody is welcome to join! The application can be submitted here: LINK

  • Do I already need to have a concrete project idea when applying?

No. You don't need to have a concrete project idea when applying yet.

However we highly encourage you to brainstorm ahead of time concerning possible project ideas.

  • Do I need to find a team ahead of time?

The teams will be made on-site. You are free to apply together with a friend (every person needs to apply separately - however you can note down your friend's name in the application form so we can accommodate your wish to invite you both!

  • How will this event be structured?

In one of a total of 4 teams, participants work together with around 4 team members on an exciting social project idea that you want to work on. You have around 4 hours to draft a social project idea. Experienced coaches and experts from InkuA are on hand to provide support. At the end of the event the social projects shall be presented to a jury for review. A jury will rate the projects and elect a winner.

  • Is there a fee for this event?

This is a free event. We will provide with some light catering and refreshments.

  • What does the winning team win?

The winning team shall receive support by InkuA to implement the project idea, e.g. workshop and mentoring to develop their project further and access to the resources of InkuA.

All participants will get a certificate of participation and will be recognized as InkuA's Social Entrepreneurs - benefitting from future events, workshops and coachings concerning social entrepreneurship!

  • According to which criteria will the winning project be elected?

There are 4 criterias: Originality, Feasibility, Impact, Presentation.

  • Is there a deadline for application?

Yes, the deadline for the application is the 14th April 2024.

  • I cannot join the event anymore after having the confirmation - how can I cancel? 

Oh no :( Please send a short e-mail on your cancellation. 

  • Who is organizing this Social Entrepreneurship Challenge?

InkuA gUG, a non-profit registered in Germany.

  • Will there be some food/drinks at the event?

Yes, there will be snacks, water and light food during the whole event.

  • Who can I contact for additional questions?

Feel free to reach out to Fabian via